«Ust-Luga port is one of the largest infrastructural projects
of European scale in Russia.». V. Putin

Multipurpose Terminal YUG-2

The Multipurpose Handling Terminal YUG-2 (MPHT YUG-2) is designed to handle a wide range of loads such as new imported cars, large-sized rolling machinery, containers and project and general cargo.

MPHT YUG-2 is one of the best terminals of the Baltic Sea that meets the most stringent requirements of automakers, which is confirmed by the results of regular appraisals carried out by Ro-Ro carriers. Cars are transported from the terminal by road and rail.


The terminal transships general container and project cargo. Sophisticated equipment offers great opportunities for handling various types of cargo. JSC MPHT Ust-Luga’s production personnel have been trained at Liebherr in Austria.

The convenient location of the MPHT YUG-2 Terminal allows to avoid loss of time in delivery, while minimum approvals greatly simplify the process of delivery of project cargo.

The construction of the terminal and berths allows to serve vessels equipped with a side or stern ramp, as well as lift-on/lift-off and mixed handling ships. Large depth allows to accept ocean-going vessels.

Customs clearance and freight forwarding services are provided by Anker Logistics Ltd . that has been established to fulfill the needs of the customers of MPHT YUG-2. A significant reduction of cargo delivery costs through route optimization, the door-to-door logistics solution involving transportation through the Multipurpose Handling Terminal (MPHT) Yug-2 and a Road-Rail-Ferry Terminal (RRFT), and the possibility of the customs clearance of goods in accordance with the requirements of the customs and tax legislation at major Russian ports help customers save on cargo shipping and customs clearance/freight logistics, while a high level of service at competitive rates is guaranteed, which is achieved through the use of international best management practices, IT systems, clear business processes and adequate employee incentives.

General Manager: Mikhail Yuryevich Talanenko
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