«Ust-Luga port is one of the largest infrastructural projects
of European scale in Russia.». V. Putin


Ust-Luga Port has its own port auxiliary service fleet that significantly increases its operational capabilities and autonomy.

Initially, there were a few azimuth tug boats produced for Ust-Luga Company by the Pella Shipyard: between 2006 and 2008, Beluga, Sevruyga and Navaga, each with a capacity of 3,200 hp, were built, and in early 2009, the Taimen tug boat with a capacity of 4,200 hp was put afloat. The latter tug boat has a capacity of 4,500 hp and can tow ocean-going vessels.

Today, the port has several companies that offer towing services, but the main operator is still LLC BALTIC MARITIME TOWING AGENCY (BMTA).

The company is a ship owner and a towing and industrial ship operator that carries out its activities at the main Russian ports in the Gulf of Finland. BMTA’s fleet consists of modern azimuth ice-class harbor tugs with a capacity ranging from 3,200 hp to 4,000 hp, which are equipped with external fire-fighting equipment, can escort a convoy and can be used with large-capacity dry-cargo vessels and oil tankers.

The company’s fleet also includes small tugs and industrial ships, which allow it to provide underwater engineering, dredging, marine survey and hydraulic engineering support services.

All vessels are equipped with emergency equipment and supplies and can be used for emergency and rescue activities in case of fire fighting or oil spill response operations.