«Ust-Luga port is one of the largest infrastructural projects
of European scale in Russia.». V. Putin

Customs services

The state control bodies

At the MPT «UG-2» and Automobile-Train Ferry Complex there are located:

  • The border service;
  • Customs Post (Kingiseppskaya custom);
  • Department of custom registration and custom control of  Excise customs;
  • Rospotrebnadzor;
  • The Rosselkhoznadzor;
  • Linear police Department on transport;
  • Guard posts with video surveillance.
According to the order of Russian Border Services Agency of December 10, 2009 № 133 the checkpoints on the territory of port Ust Luga in Leningrad region was awarded the classification of marine, cargo, permanent, multisectoral.

More information can be found at http://www.rosgranitsa.ru/.

Seaport of Ust Luga is located in the region of Ust Luga customs post (code 10218040) of Kingisepsky Customs of the North-West Customs Office of the Federal Customs Service of Russia.

Since 25th of February 2011 the department of the customs clearance and customs control № 6 of the North-West Excise Customs Central Excise Customs office operates at the terminals MPT YUG-2 and Auto-Railway Ferry Terminal.

More information can be found at http://sztu.customs.ru.

Customs clearance and freight forwarding services are provided by Anker Logistics Ltd . that has been established to fulfill the needs of the customers of MPHT YUG-2. A significant reduction of cargo delivery costs through route optimization, the door-to-door logistics solution involving transportation through the Multipurpose Handling Terminal (MPHT) Yug-2 and a Road-Rail-Ferry Terminal (RRFT), and the possibility of the customs clearance of goods in accordance with the requirements of the customs and tax legislation at major Russian ports help customers save on cargo shipping and customs clearance/freight logistics, while a high level of service at competitive rates is guaranteed, which is achieved through the use of international best management practices, IT systems, clear business processes and adequate employee incentives.