«Ust-Luga port is one of the largest infrastructural projects
of European scale in Russia.». V. Putin

Transport Infrastructure

The project site is well equipped with railway infrastructure. The full-scale reconstruction of the external railroad approaches along the Mga–Gatchina–Veimarn–Ust-Luga line and the construction of a Luga station complex under the Investment Program of JSC Russian Railways are about to be completed.


The Ust-Luga railway junction comprises 6 interconnected stations.

The construction of such stations as North Luga, South-Luga, Oil Luga and Gas Luga has been completed in full and the construction of the Luga General station and its tracks connecting it with the Luga Freight Yard is about to complete.

The railway infrastructure of the Ust-Luga Industrial Park is to be connected to the connecting track from the Luga General Railway Station to the Luga Freight Yard, and integrated railway services, including the provision, cleaning and classification of cars, will be rendered starting from the Luga Freight Yard.

The construction of the Luga Freight Yard comprising three yards, namely the receiving, departure and classification ones, is to be completed by the end of 2016.

The Luga Freight Yard has been designed and constructed with the assistance of Siemens, a German company, using cutting-edge technologies.

Railway plan

In the immediate future, the Ust-Luga railway junction is to become the largest and most up-to-date one in Europe and to ensure the delivery and handling of 100 mln tons of cargo per year by rail.

The investments of JSC Russian Railways in the development of the railway infrastructure (external approaches and the Luga station complex) have exceeded RUB 90 bln, including RUB 13.4 bln in 2015.

The external road communications of the project area are being developed at the expense of the federal treasury as part of the “Roads” Subprogram of the Federal Special Purpose Program “Russian Transport System Development”. The customer is the Federal Road Agency ROSAVTODOR (FBI (Federal State Institution) SevZapUprAvtodor).

The Federal Road Agency plans to further reconstruct the following external roads:

  • Construction of three road interchanges at the entrance to the Northern and Southern port areas.
  • The full reconstruction of the road connecting the port with the federal highway Narva (St. Petersburg–Tallinn) is about to be completed. Now it is a modern two-lane road leading in each direction with a separating lawn, which bypasses all the settlements and interchanges on two levels. The construction of the last section of the federal highway (on the “middle terrace” along the Northern port area) is to be completed in late 2016 – early 2017.
  • Peterhof–Keikino will duplicate the existing highway “Narva” (St. Petersburg–Tallinn) and will join the belt highway and then the federal highway “Russia” (St. Petersburg–Moscow);
  • The motorway is to be extended from the Tallinn Highway directly to Veliky Novgorod to join the federal highway “Russia”.