«Ust-Luga port is one of the largest infrastructural projects
of European scale in Russia.». V. Putin

About the company

Eco-landing on the Lipovskoe lake.
The opening of the complex of the company "FosAgro" at the MPT "Yug-2", 2015.
The arrival of the ferry Ust-Luga - Baltiysk in Kaliningrad , 2006.
Social action "Books for children".
Discussion of the project of Complex development of port areas, 2008.
The visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin at MPT "Yug-2", 2008.
The start of the 2nd stage of the Coal terminal, 2006
The Holy Fire from Jerusalem, 2015
The start of the 2nd stage of the Coal terminal, 2006
Social action "Basketball for children”.
The start of the MRC, 2007.

JSC Ust-Luga Company was established in 1992 to construct Ust-Luga Commercial Sea Port with a capacity of 180 mln tons of various cargo per year in the Baltic Sea, namely in Luga Bay of the Gulf of Finland. The new Russian port was constructed as part of the Federal Special Purpose Program “Russian Transport System Development”, and the pattern of interaction between the project participants in the construction of the port has become one of the first examples of a successful public-private partnership in Russia.

V.V.Putin and V.S.Izraylit

Under its contracts with federal authorities, the company was the Project Manager and Developer of the port complex and was authorized to make decisions on all key project implementation issues falling within its competence. This has made it possible to apply the one-stop principle for investors in terminals under construction and thus to minimize time and costs.

Today, JSC Ust-Luga Company is the initiator and developer of the Project for the “Integrated Development of Ust-Luga Commercial Sea Port and the Surrounding Area”, which has been included in the List of Priority Investment Projects of the North-Western Federal Circuit, as approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 02/07/2012.

The centerpiece of the project is Ust-Luga Port, and its driving force is the Ust-Luga Industrial Park whose anchor investors will be advanced hydrocarbon processing plants, while satellite and other companies will be the links of their production chains.

A satellite town called Ust-Luga is already being built near the port. Majestic Holy Trinity (Naval) Cathedral with St. Nicholas’ Chapel and the Chapel in Honor of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God has become the first building in the docking town. The cathedral was built on the highest point, with its golden domes serving as a beacon for vessels that arrive in Ust-Luga.

It is planned to create a favorable environment for tourism development and regional recreational areas on the basis of the Kurgalsky and Kotelsky Reserves. A project of a multi-purpose tourist and recreational complex to be located near the mouth of the Vybya River has been developed. Beautiful natural beaches and pine dunes on the West Coast of the Kurgalsky Peninsula can become a substitute for Jurmala and Palanga, former Russian resorts, that will not only allow to provide dock and industrial park workers with high-quality recreational areas, but also to create an all-Russian resort area that may become an international one in the future.

Social Responsibility.

Being a socially responsible entity, Ust-Luga Company conducts extensive and diverse sponsorship and charitable activities encompassing environmental issues, the promotion of the authentic culture of local small nations that live on the company’s project areas, and assisting veterans, orphanages and schools.

Basketball for children

An important focal point of Ust-Luga Company’s social policy is the support of the younger generation that ranges from guided tours, creativity competitions, trips to museums and New Year festivities to sports competitions and master classes.

Ust-Luga Company regularly helps local schools. In 2008, the company reprinted the “Local History” textbook. In 2010, it allocated funds to equip the Krakolye Secondary School with a modern computer classroom, and in 2012, it provided multimedia equipment for two classrooms on the occasion of the school’s anniversary.

In addition, in 2012, it arranged three playgrounds for the children of the Ust-Luga village pursuant to its agreement on social and economic cooperation with the authorities of the Kingiseppskiy Municipal District.

In 2011, it signed an Agreement on Social and Economic Partnership between JSC Ust-Luga Company and the Kingisepp Sports Federation of Biathlon and Cross-Country Skiing.

Its sports activity program is aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles among the school students of the Kingiseppskiy District and encouraging the children’s interest in athletics as an alternative to an aimless pastime.

Environmental Program

Today, the company considers environmental issues to be part of the integrated social and economic development of the region adjacent to the port.

Codeset to Lipovskaya

Any industrial activity inevitably causes some environmental damage. Of course, the construction of such a large facility as the multifunctional commercial sea port could not but affect the regional environment, so Ust-Luga Company’s environmental policy primarily focuses on minimizing the environmental damage caused by industrial activities and compensating for adverse impacts. Trying to preserve the pristine wildlife areas in the region, the company, together with the Government of the Leningrad Region, has taken part in an environmental program aimed at restoring fish and animal stocks, breeding sites and green spaces.

The environmental program provides for activities aimed at preserving and regenerating the territories of the Kurgalsky Wildlife Sanctuary and the Kotelsky reserve. The creation of recreational areas and the preservation and regeneration of natural resources will help compensate for the adverse impacts of industrial activities.